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White label

A successful resolution of web and marketing issues is imperative. Partners are happy to choose us because of the wide spectrum of services we offer, but also the willingness to find the best solution. The white-label approach is implied, and the long-term collaboration we have with marketing agencies and development companies mean stability and the ability to answer more queries.

We will find the solution for your request, prepare a strategy and solve the most complex problems within the agreed deadline.

Outsourcing agency in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Many of our clients are web and graphic agencies that need an outsourcing partner to code their solutions. Those clients want valid code, responsive design, fast page loading without redundant code.

It is extremely difficult to find an individual who is competent in all of the spheres mentioned. Our narrow specialization of individuals for each specific area will solve your problems.

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We deal with the code

We believe that your customers value unique web sites, which is why we design each web site completely according to your requirements. We leave full control over the content and administration of the web site to you and your client through a simple CMS (Content Management System).

Your customers do not buy quality code but expect it. Invest your time in strategy, design, and content, and let us deal with coding.

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Data confidentiality

We do not disclose who we are collaborating with and your projects are not visible in our portfolio. We are happy to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) at the beginning of our partnership.

What we do best

Our focus is on creating small and medium-sized projects that agencies use in everyday communication such as:
Landing web sites for lawyers, restaurants, clinics, etc. that only need basic features like contact form, slider, gallery, map, and similar.
Classic web sites for presenting a company with a database and the ability to enter blog content or similar.
Web stores/eCommerce for presenting your client’s products with integrated online payment and a simple CMS (Content Management System) for self-managed web store management.

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