We do not strive for mass production. We apply a personalized, professional approach to every client.

Unique website

Our websites are recognizable and unique and they follow the latest website design trends and technologies. All the websites we have worked on so far have been fully customized to the client’s wishes.

Designing responsive, modern websites and positioning them on Google and other search engines have significantly impacted our clients’ consumer growth, traffic growth, and profits.

Quality of work, experience, and knowledge enabled us to collaborate with more than 300 clients from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Australia, Slovenia, Sweden, the Netherlands, etc.

Full service

Do not perceive us as a salesman, but rather as a part of your team. We are on the same side, in the same fight – in which your brand will win convincingly.

We listen carefully, then develop a strategy that changes the flow of business for our clients and us. Our work is the culmination of creative visions, great ideas, and full dedication.

We think every website design project is different and we adapt it to your business model. From complete e-commerce store solutions to personalized websites and web applications, our team successfully implements design with a clean and optimized code.

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How we work

When designing websites, the planning process is vital to ensure that we do not encounter any problems during development. It is almost impossible to be successful online without a website that works well for both the company and its clients.

From the gathering of initial information to the creation of the website and, finally, the maintenance and updating – everything must be properly planned.


Phase one – information gathering 
This step involves understanding the client, his business and goals. What is the purpose of the website? Do you want to provide information, promote a service or sell a product?

Phase two – Design
Based on the information gathered, we shift to defining the layout of the website. For example, a website dedicated to selling clothes will look a lot different from the one for financial institutions.

Phase three – Development
The development phase is the point at which the website itself is being created. Our developers use all individual graphic elements from the prototype to create a real, functional website.

Phase four – Testing and Delivery
In this phase, developers start with testing and delivering the website.


Whether you are looking for something traditional to convey a sense of sophisticated simplicity or something compelling for a lasting impression, no requirement is too big for our team.

Go further than you thought you could.


We will not only create a website for you, but we will supply you with a complete solution for your company’s online appearance on the internet and provide complete SEO optimization, graphical preparation, and set up for social networks.

Our commitment is all about achieving this goal: to make a long – term partnerships with clients, covering every aspect of the website development process until the implementation of the solution. We offer complete transparency of activities and results, project management and perfect communication.


The Internet is such an environment that it is not enough to just build a website, but it is necessary to constantly work on it and only then positive business results come. oMedia team has the potential to fulfill all the requirements to bring your website to the level of achieving your business goals.

Our main task is to create web pages that will be simple and easy for end-users to use.

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