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Maintain and update

Maintenance of website usually involves protection against hacking and unauthorized use of the website, protection against viruses, backup, change of all or part of the content, change of text or photos etc. Allow your website to keep up, make it visible on search engines with fresh content and photos.

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Website content management

The most important thing you can do for your website is to regularly add new unique content. Content management includes things like posting blog posts, adding photos, updating pages. An important factor in good content management is the optimization of each website. This also applies to posting photos that need to be optimized and tagged, as well as reduced to the right size so as not overload and slow down the server.

Properly formatting content for the web requires an understanding of SEO optimization to result in an increase in the number of visitors to your site.

Web server maintenance

Server maintenance involves high-level maintenance of your website’s security, backing-up of your database or your website contents, upgrades and ensuring compatibility of installed applications, administration of e-mail addresses, hosting and domain of the users.

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Website maintenance costs

Costs of maintaining and updating a website are usually determined based on the designer/developer hours, and the duration of the process usually depends on the complexity of your request. The lump sum per hour is lower than the price for “on-demand” maintenance works, paid at once.


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